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👋 Hello there! I’m Shane, a passionate full-stack software developer by day, and a curious explorer of emerging technologies by night. Welcome to my corner of the internet!

Here I discuss different programming projects I’m working on, technologies I’m tinkering with, and other topics I find interesting. To get started, below are a few of the projects I’ve worked on that I’m the most proud of.

Merchants of Hardware

moh website

Merchants of Hardware is an Android employee companion app built for RONA employees. You can scan any product in a RONA store and have access to all the product’s information including prices and stock levels immediately. The app is built using Facebook’s “React Native” framework to support both Android and iOS with the same codebase. Merchants of Hardware is supported by a REST API backend written in PHP for processing and MariaDB for storage.

Some other features of Merchants of Hardware include:

  • Scan history: Forgot a SKU? Go back in your history to view previous searches and scans
  • Pick Lists: Create custom product lists with user set quantities and color tags, useful when organizing products for ordering, projects, or online purchase fulfillment
  • Scan matching with Match Mode: Enter match mode when viewing a product, scan a UPC and wait for the beep!
  • GPS scan logging: Log the GPS coordinates at scan time so you and other employees can find products around and outside the store

To find out more info about Merchants of Hardware you can view the main landing page HERE and the Google Play Store listing HERE.

Trade Assistant

trade assistant

Trade Assistant is a PHP/MySQL web application which can give you insights into the balance of CSGOLounge trades and the worth of Steam inventories for in-game items in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Trade Assistant will let you compare trades in real time as well as sum specific items from a user’s inventory allowing you to quickly evaluate the total sum of items added and removed from a trade offer.

Trade Assistant uses PHP to fetch prices using the Steam Marketplace API. Trade Assistant caches results within a MySQL database which is refetched on interval using a cronjob. A modified javascript file by Stuart Langridge allows sorting of items by price in a user’s inventory or in a trade transaction. A custom javascript file written by myself also allows clicking of individual cells which will add cell values to a total calculated sum.

You can have a look at Trade Assistant at it’s Github repo located HERE.

UGX MOD & UGX Requiem

UGX MOD and UGX Requiem were UGX-MODS.com team projects that I participated in between 2012 and 2016. UGX MOD is a full conversion mod for Call of Duty: World at War completely changing the weapons, gameplay, perks, and other features. UGX Requiem was our map built to showcase all our new mod features as a part of UGX MOD v1.1.

My work on UGX MOD and UGX Requiem consisted mostly of asset porting and creation. All weapons and enemy characters were custom ported from other Call of Duty games. Many environment models in the mod were created by myself including the Traps Machine, Mr. Elemental, the Sharing is Caring perk machine, and Pandora’s Box made functional with gameplay scripting done by Andy King (UGX Treminaor). My favorite achievement from this amazing experience was creating the PP-19 Bizon weapon, modeled and animated from scratch by myself. The weapon can be seen at 0:31 in the trailer above.

UGX Requiem has over 400,000 page views and was voted 35th out of over 10,000 mods in ModDB’s Mod of the Year 2015.

Call of Duty: World at War is only $21.99 on Steam, feel free to download UGX Requiem HERE and give it a try.

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